Santa Fe Tonight Show

A night of comedy and fun was experienced by those who came to this special event.  The theater provided the space for a well-known Hispanic comedian the space to entertain and elicit laughter from the 150 people in the audience.  A reception followed in the ballroom.  The event was very successful and enjoyed by all.


Academy for Technology & the Classics Yule Ball

A wonderful time was had by all who attended the Yule Ball.  It was attended by young men and women from the Academy for Technology and the Classics and the well behaved and well-dressed group danced and socialized in the ballroom.  Those who docented the event commented that they were happy to see such a nice group of young people enjoying the Scottish Rite building.


FULL MOON – Taiji MEDICINE Qigong Workshop

Esme Olivia, John WalkingStar, and Jeff English held a workshop at the Scottish Rite Temple on February 7th.  Esme weaves voice, hoop drum & poetry into soulful love songs to human beings, the earth, & the infinite.  WalkingStar plays the Native American flute with the silence and sound of the wind. Both Esme and WalkingStar are magical & healing, connecting heaven & earth, yin & yang.  Jeff English said they have come together – the alchemy of voice, instrument, mind, and movement with Nature’s spirit.  Taiji Medicine Qigong, a physical movement and exercise program was taught.  It relieved aches, pains, and stresses.  It taught the power of transmutation, self-healing, and empowerment.  Seventy people experienced this event in the ballroom of the Scottish Rite Temple, whose magical environment added to the enjoyment.


Contemporary Hispanic Market Event

The review of Hispanic artists’ works took place at the Scottish Rite Temple. This was a juried event where samples of the hand crafted work was looked at and determined to be acceptable to present at various Hispanic Markets over the next three years.  Jerry Duran sponsored the event and is a skilled maker of knives and is one of the artists selected.  Every table in the ballroom was used to display the items to be judged.  The event lasted all day and the organizers of the event expressed their thanks to the Scottish Rite for what turned out to be a perfect venue for their event.


2016 Advisory Conference Initial Meeting


Valley of Santa Fe Advisory Conference


4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Santa Fe Scottish Rite Temple Auditorium

Meeting called by: John R. Adams 33°IGH Personal Representative, Chair            

Type of meeting: Called               


Please read: Supreme Council Strategic Plan and 2016 VMAP, other attachments (links following):

Please bring: notepad, pen, pencil          


                Agenda topics

2              Opening Prayer and Flag Salute

4              Introductions    

2              Rules of Order   Chair

2              Meaning of Advisory      Chair

8              Budgets and Finances    Treasurer

5              2015 VMAP         Vice-Chair

10           2016 VMAp         Vice-Chair

5              Officers Duties  VM

5              Committees Proposed  VM

5              Calendar Review              VM

5              Spring Reunion Vice-Chair

5              Department Readiness Dept. Heads

5              Changes in Length of Time           12th Degree

5              Program Additions for Community          

5              Director of the Work LOP             VM

5              Director of the Work RC                WM

5              Director of the Work CK                CK

5              Director of the Work C   MK

2              Closing Prayer