Masonic Open House

The Temple was open for visitors in support of the Masonic Open House at Montezuma and Cerrillos Lodges. A program was presented to two different groups, and the Temple was open for tours. An estimated 400 or more people attended.


Miss Santa Fe Pageant

A Miss Santa Fe was crowned on February 28 at the Temple. The girls spent the day being interviewed, doing talent performances, modeling cloths, and doing a lot of smiling. Several of the girls received scholarships. Miss Santa Fe moves on to compete in the Miss New Mexico Pageant.


2016 Santa Fe Ceremony of Remembrance and Renewal


CandelabraThe annual Ceremony of Rememberance and Renewal will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 26 at the Scottish Rite Temple in Santa Fe.  This is a beautiful and moving ceremony that recognizes those brothers of the Valley that we have lost this past year, and it reminds of the hope and promise of the coming Spring.  It is a great opportunity to share a bit of what Masonry is about with friends and family, as the ceremony is open to the public.  There will be a catered lunch available by reservation before the ceremony.  The menu is green chile enchiladas, beans and rice for a price of $10 per person, also open to family and friends.  reservations and payment must be received prior to the day of the ceremony in order to arrange with the caterer, and therefor pay-at-the-door may not be honored.  The lunch will  be served at 12:00 in the dining room with the ceremony to follow at 1:00 in the auditorium.

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2015 Leadership and Ceremony of Remembrance and Renewal Team, (bottom row left to right) Kevin Fitzwater; Everett Goodman; Chris Leitch; Wesley D. Thornton, Deputy; Jefferson H. Jordan, Jr., Grand Master; Scott Jaquith; Adam Hathaway; (top row) Stephen Balke, Joshua Lightle, PGM; Jaime Reynoso; Jay Williams; and James Lamb.


Paramount picture to be released

Paramount Pictures movie with scenes filmed last year in the Temple will be released in March 2016.  The new name for the film is “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.”  If you get a chance to see it, you will notice various parts of the Temple.  They used three rooms in the dormitory, the hallway in the dormitory, the choir room, the office, the candidate’s dormitory, the library room, a wedding party in the theater, and even a hotel room in the corner of the ballroom. It was a fun experience for all of us involved and the money earned gave us a good foundation for the year.

Late breaking news!

“Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” is now showing in a theater near you! Go see this movie! See if you can spot the scenes shot in the Temple, or even the familiar face of a Brother!

Beyond the money it paid for the use of our building, Paramount Pictures made a huge contribution to the Temple by way of repairs and renovations.

Let’s show our thanks and support by filling theater seats for this very entertaining movie!


Current and on-going projects at the Temple

Current and ongoing projects

1.  Routing a new phone line directly to the office.

2.  Phone system evaluation (try out of wireless phones)

3.  Finishing fire suppression system over the stove

The fire suppression system over the stove in the kitchen is well underway.  The remaining items that need to be completed include the installation of new duct work, installation of the new fan, electrical hook up, testing and certification of the new system. Bro. Don Helberg is overseeing the contractor doing the work.

4.  In floor drains for sinks in kitchen with air gap

A requirement for the certification of the kitchen, air gaps need to exist in the drains for the sinks and dishwasher.  These are being installed by Bro. Brian Ostum.  The concrete around the existing drains is being removed and an in floor drain sink is being installed.   This will be done for the two sinks and the dishwasher.

5.  Cabinet locks for remaining cabinets in Wardrobe

We have been installing locks on the wardrobe cabinets to prevent access by anyone who is not on the Wardrobe committee.  Bro. Dan Irick and Bro. Ernesto Barriguete have secured the main costume and hat cabinets.  Work on the remaining cabinets us underway.

6.  Reinstall brass panel on SE corner of building

.The brass corner marker for the Temple was removed since it was loose and it was feared that someone may take it.  Bro. James Irick obtained new mounting hardware and we are ready to reinstall the plaque.  It will require a little effort as the panel is heavy.

7.  Sound system review and update of speaker system

The Fall Class of 2015 has chosen to improve the sound system in the Theater.  They are raising funds to purchase new speakers.  Bro. Brian Ostum is heading up this project.

8.  Spring time gardening

With Spring comes work on the Patio garden and lawn.  Bro. George Moss and Bro. George Watson will be working to bring the Patio back to life with the planting of flowers and other Master Gardner work.

9.  Paint kitchen floor

We have moved several cabinets during the kitchen upgrades and exposed unpainted parts of the floor.  Bro. Victor Perez will be getting new paint that will match the existing paint so we can touch up the floor.  He suggested that we repaint the entire floor.  This is under consideration.

10.  Stair repairs

We have two stairway problems that need to be addressed.  The front outside steps need to be repaired as there are several places where the surface has degraded and is crumbling.  This will require short term repairs.  A long term refurbishment of the stairs may be needed in the future.  We are seeking information on what materials can be used to repair the damage.

There are several stairs in the building that have damage due to use and abuse.  We are also seeking information on how to repair these steps.

11.  Add AC power sockets in Ballroom

We have a need to increase the number of power outlets in the Ballroom to allow our customers to have power for various uses.  We have a new power panel in the kitchen to ballroom hall way and can provide extra circuits from this panel.  This project is in the talking and concept stages.