Kitchen Electrical Renovation Project

The Project Leader for this huge and important effort is Ill. Bro. Don Helberg, whose efforts are greatly appreciated.

We also want to thank two groups of electricians for their hard work on the kitchen project this year. First, Brother Robbie Goodlander and his helper, Joe Harvy, who replaced, with one new and larger box, the two very old breaker boxes that had served the kitchen since 1951. The old boxes were in the back of the table storage closets, and very difficult to reach; the new box is in the passageway between the kitchen and dining room, and very accessible. This was a wonderful change for anyone who has ever had to turn on or off the breaker for the kitchen ceiling exhaust fan, not to mention that it also remedied a code problem. This job was not just a matter of mounting a new box mount, but of installing a lot of conduit and adding many feet of wire, large and small. This was a very long day for Robbie and Joe!

Next, we also want to thank Brother Joe Behounek and his crew who ran 220 volt, 3 phase, 60 amp power from the new box, up and through the attic, and down the wall to the new dishwasher. This required a lot of conduit and heavy wire to be installed, accomplished by a lot of climbing, crawling, and swinging on girders and ladders. It took the six guys a very long day of hard work to get it all done.